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Give Your Feet A Festive Treat at Hello Kitty Beauty Spa

Spending time with family is one of the highlights of the festive season and makes the perfect time for daughters to spend time with their mothers. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to share together our Mermaid Pedicure service transforms your spa experience and gives you that festive pampering you need after all your festive errands.

What to expect during the Mermaid Pedicure? A thick jelly mix covers and gently massages your feet whilst the oils and moisturisers soften any dry skin, callouses, corns or cracks. The jelly actively targets dead skin cells making them much easier to remove after the pedicure. It also works to open your pores, the smooth, warm jelly detoxifies and cleanses your skin leaving it feeling softer, fresh and rejuvenated. Using mild and gentle fragrances it’s perfect even for the more sensitive skin. The jelly retains heat up to four times better than water, improving your spa experience and allowing the bliss of the treatment to last a lot longer. This extra heat also allows the nerves and muscles in your lower legs, ankles, wrists and hands to relax and encourages better circulation.

There are two different calming aromas to choose from, lavender or rose! Each option comes with a free drink, blue lemonade for lavender, and pink lemonade for rose. There is also an option to include a Mermaid Manicure or Mermaid 'Mani Pedi Combo' for Queens and their Princesses! This combo comes into two different varieties. The ‘Ultimate’ which includes the spa jelly powder and salts, or the ‘Ultimate Plus’ which comes with an additional scrub, foot mask and nourishing cream.

Because your feet generally work harder day to day than any other part of your body, (especially over the festive season with all that extra shopping), so it makes sense to give your toes a time-out with a Mermaid Pedicure. The fun is all in the jelly, the feeling of the gelatine foot bath encasing your feet and toes really is like nothing else you’ve experienced before!

At Hello Kitty Beauty Spa we recommend a pedicure at least once a month to keep your feet fresh, fantastic and fragrant. As for the rest of your body, we’ve also got you covered. From anti-aging moisture treatments to threading and posh pampering, there’s something for everyone at our spa. The Mermaid Pedicure is a wonderful treat for one or to share, so give the gift of relaxation this festive season.

For further information and to book yourself (or a friend/family member) a Mermaid Mani Pedi at Hello Kitty Spa Dubai you can visit:

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