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The Month of Being Pampered & Adored

Well, it’s that time of year again - Yes! When the excitement starts to build up. Though we all try playing it down at the back of our minds, there are always expectations! Expectations from who we love. Expectations from us. Oh, God! This just isn’t going right.

So where were we; Ofcourse it’s that time of the year when the birds start hitting a special love note. Cupid is in his supersonic mode, love is in the air, and YES! YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT YOUR VERY BEST because you never know this might be it! And for those who already have a partner well, we need to bring out our very best to beat the last year’s Valentine's performance.

Many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing appreciation for the people they love or adore. Some people take their loved ones for a romantic dinner at a restaurant while others may choose this day to propose or get married and for some, it might end up resulting in heartbreak. Well, let’s just not go down that road for now.

There are 3 primary challenges on Valentine’s Day; you need to look at your very best, you need to take the best photographs & a good meal at the end of the day is always a source of relief. Oh did we miss out on the present? Well, let’s just not worry about that bit - because we have got your back!

How to look at your best;

Lots of makeup, a good hairdo, a nice silky dress won’t do the trick. It has to come from within. Start preparing for the occasion, a hair treatment & some trimming or a facial might be the first step in the right direction. Get a good mani-pedi cause when you have it; flaunt it! Choose your fragrance according to the time of the day and don’t put on a strong perfume with light-colored clothes. Want to cut down some inches. Red & Blacks will help you look sharp but men always adore a lady in white, especially when it’s dinner. Use body butter and shimmer to shine out and glow. Accessorize or minimize make your decision according to what you’re wearing. A dark-colored lipstick for the night and a lip tint for a day date. Lastly, don’t let the occasion overwhelm you. You know you’re smart and beautiful. Believe in it and the last bit of advice for this section; GLEE you never want to miss out on that perfect smile!

How to take the best photographs;

There isn’t anything such as the best photograph! That only happens in movies or on magazine covers with loads of Photoshop and whatnot. Stop stressing about how you don’t look good in pictures all the time. You need to believe it to make it happen. Here’s a small checklist you can work on;

1. Find your angle

2. Pout or Smile – Do your thing & Snap

3. Instagram & Snapchat have a bundle of filters so even if the picture isn’t what you want it to be you can always tweak it. Find someone nice and sweet and get them to take at least 7-12 pictures. The more the better. You will find one that will be the wallpaper of your phone for the next few weeks.

4. It’s always nice to do some selfies at home to let the girls know how you’re looking but leave the Whatsapp-ing when you’re going out.

Food (Lunch or Dinner Date);

Our favorite bit; Dubai has few of the world’s most phenomenal restaurants that serve amazing food and have breathtaking views. Choose it with your partner. Shortlist a few, read reviews on trip advisor. Check them out on Instagram to find out what are their specialties and lock a time and place. It’s always nice to book well in advance because it can get pretty busy. Always have a back-up plan unless you like to hit a burger joint after a 3-course fancy meal and still feel hungry.

Lastly the Gift;

Many people give greeting cards, chocolates, jewelry, or flowers, particularly roses, to their partners or admirers on Valentine’s Day. So primarily it’s a day to commemorate love. But we have an amazing idea to help you look great for the occasion or even post Valentine’s Day because it just doesn’t end there. Hello Kitty Beauty Spa is offering the “GIFT OF SPA” this Valentine’s Day!!! Grab the gift of spa voucher for AED 350 (value worth AED 500) for yourself or make him get you one.

Gift one to your loved ones. May be this is a good way to get Mama to stop complaining about how you don’t spend time with her anymore. Bond over beauty at our spa. This thoughtful and pampering Valentine's special gift of spa is perfect for any girlfriend, wife, mom, sister or friend, and will definitely make them feel the love.

Get pampered with just a single click; ps. make your bff text this link to him for you *wink*

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