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“Virtual reality is the hottest new way to relax!”

The virtual reality spa experience functions like choose your own adventure. When you’re in the VR world, your mind isn’t thinking about whatever it is you might think about when you’re getting a regular spa service. You explore the butterflies floating past or watch the pink glow of the sunset on a sandy beach rather than thinking up a to-do list for later. “It gives your mind something else to focus on. “The most important thing in this approach is to create a sense of being there. The user really has the feeling that they are at this beautiful beach, and the emotion is much more intense. Let’s be honest; the traveler in us is really craving for a trip but just can't due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions. VR is becoming more and more immersive and now has proven therapeutic and meditational benefits.

As for kids, VR poses vast opportunities for learning, creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative engagement. It’s vital for their development to discover the world around them. Virtual reality is an exciting medium for storytelling: Kids don’t only love stories, they actually learn a lot from them. Apart from this young kids find it hard to enjoy the spa services so they sometimes need a little bit of distraction as well.


HELLO KITTY BEAUTY SPA is introducing a Virtual Reality experience for all the mums & daughters. They can now enjoy a relaxing virtual vacation in the comfort of their favorite spa during manicure/pedicure session.

At HKBS, customers have the choice of different “experiences,” ranging from a beach on the Mediterranean to a city tour in Europe and for kids, they have cartoons, safari tours, interactive & immersive games, or learning sessions like exploring the planets.

As clients settle into a mani-pedi chair and put on the virtual reality headset, they’re given a number of options. The world they’ve chosen appears life-like in front of them. Birds fly past, palm trees sway gently in the wind, and water ripples. A heat lamp is triggered in the tropical environments, simulating the warmth of the sun, and electric fans mimic a cool breeze. All the while, they are getting their manicure pedicure done.

Consult with our team for a VR session the next time you book an appointment with us and enjoy an immersive pampering experience like never before.

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