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Sparty Time at Hello Kitty Beauty Spa

Hello Kitty Beauty Spa sparties are a great way to celebrate any event with your ladies or little girls. Our range of activities and treatments are suitable from age 4 and our packages can all be tailored to include both Queens and Princesses in the same service.

Princess sparties are a massive hit with little ladies (4-11 years) and can be held in our salon, at home or at another suitable venue of your choice. To the traditional birthday party features, like cake, lemonade and songs, we have added our own special Hello Kitty Beauty Spa edge – our lemonade is pink, our cakes can be personalised, we provide badges, robes and pink feathers for the birthday girl and her guests and a beautiful tiara to the birthday girl herself. These birthday treats are available in an array of themes which includes Posh Pampering, Cottage Chic, Top Model and many more. All princess sparties offer three beauty treatments from a choice of mani, pedi, make-up, facial or the fabulous signature Hello Kitty Bow hairstyle. Your little one and her friends will be spoilt for choice!

Queens, too, can get their girls together with a Hello Kitty Beauty Spa sparty. From birthdays and engagements to bridal and baby showers, or just a good old girls night out, any occasion with your ladies is bound to benefit from the added glamour and sophistication of Hello Kitty Beauty Spa. Our combinations of treats, treatments, snacks, drinks and goody bags can all be tailored to your sparty requirements by our dedicated staff.

Our Bubble’lish soap, bath-bomb and skin scrub making activity can also be added to any of our sparty packages for Queens or Princesses. A great way to bond, communicate and learn to work together, this edutainment concept is increasingly popular and is unique to the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa. Using all-natural ingredients, essential oils, moulds, dyes and fragrances, Queens and Princesses have the opportunity to learn whilst having fun, creating bath-bombs, skin scrubs, soaps and other goodies under the supervision of our highly-trained staff.

So for Queens and Princesses, we have your perfect party in hand, whatever the occasion. From our salon to your home and almost anywhere between, if you provide the details, we have all the style, glitz and party bits you need to make your big day an event to remember.

Click here for further details on sparties and to make a booking through our website. Alternatively you can or call or visit the salon directly.

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