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Mothers & Daughters Bonding Over Beauty

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

The Millennial generation is known for many things: multitasking, tech-savvy, social networking, and entrepreneurship. But bonding with their parents? Maybe not so much.

With the birth of every new gadget or network, the chance to network and socialize in person diminishes. Therefore, mother's and daughter's bonding over beauty plays a very important role in bringing them closer and sharing everything from beauty secrets to their personal matters. It’s about creating and maintaining a trusted mutual bond between them.

When moms are getting ready for a night out — putting on make-up, fixing her hair — they’ve got audience like their 4-year daughter or above. Little girls love all things girly. They are fascinated by the different colors of eye shadow, or the sparkly lashes, the bright lipstick, and mommies outrageous nail colors and designs. They want to be a part of it, too.

It’s important to create a ritual that only girls can enjoy. There are so many other things they like to do such as; go swimming, play at the playgrounds, read books, play games — but these are all things that your princess can do with her daddy, too. Pedicures are just for you girls! She will love the warm water and flowers on her toes and you will treasure the time just being with her.

Some mothers create little beauty rituals with their daughters at home. The private, comfy surroundings may lend themselves to deeper conversations, and possibly, deeper bonding. A homemade mask or scrub is fun to make; a couple of new bottles of sparkly nail polish can provide an evening’s worth of pampering. Allow a yummy, fragrant face mask to sink into your skin while you and your daughter dance to her iPod or watch her favorite TV show together and talk about why she likes it. You can comb the Internet to pick up easy ideas for creating a home-spa experience.

As its summertime and kids are looking forward to vacations or some interesting activity to keep busy we definitely recommend mom obliges by taking their girls out for a little “beauty bonding” at a local kids’ salon, Hello Kitty Beauty Spa, where the pair can get manicures together. Bonding with daughters over makeovers or manicures is special to all moms because it's something they can do together that is unique to just “them” girls.

Whether spent at home or at the spa, regular monthly “girl time” can be a wonderful way to open doors to conversation and connection. You can talk about everything and really bond during this girly time!

When you want to enjoy mother-daughter pampering day think of no place else other than HELLO KITTY BEAUTY SPA. It’s a child-friendly place and they have special treatments for you and a specially-crafted salon menu for the little ones. Also, they’ve got exciting summer retreats & special mother-daughter pampering day deals such as happy Choco Berry mani-pedi combo, hair braids, etc. at amazing discounted prices for you and your girl.

The salon is open from 11 am – 9 pm Sunday to Saturday, so you can book an appointment at any convenient time.

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