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Introducing The Bubble'lish Bath and Body Bar

The Bubble’lish Bath and Body Bar is here! Unique to us at the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa, the Bubble’lish Bath and Body Bar edutainment activity allows us to help you to create your very own all-natural bath and beauty goodies to pamper yourself or to share with your friends.

Working with us to get the best results, you will begin by selecting your ingredients from our menu. After the mixing process, you get to choose one of our decorative moulds to set your product into. Our ingredients are all-natural and our team of experts will guide you through our tried and tested technique to ensure you have something special to take home with you, all the way down to personalising the packaging your treat comes in. The memories of a unique and creative bonding experience will be ones you and your girls will treasure forever.

Our single activities include workshops on making skin scrubs from coffee, salt or sugar and workshops for bath bombs, soaps and slimes. Most of these are half-hour sessions, with only the basic soap-making requiring an hour to complete.

The Bubble’lish Bath and Body Bar experiences are suitable for many occasions. Whether it’s a bridal or baby shower, a birthday party or reunion or just a good old night with the girls, our activities are sure to add all the glamour you need.

Our soap-making activities are also suitable for corporate events, and make great team-building exercises, encouraging people to work together and communicate whilst having fun, too. This particular element also translates well into the classroom for the little ones. Edutainment at its best, soap-making not only encourages teamwork, it helps teach children about measuring and following instructions.

The range of Bubble’lish packages covers all of the available products to make coupled with treats, treatments and services from our beauty spa. These take longer depending on the treatment involved.

We can also bring our services to you and your princesses. Sparties for adults and kids, which include treatments and soap-making activities, can be brought right into your home or to a suitable venue of your choice to be the celebration itself or as part of a fabulous pre-party pampering.

In the future, we also hope to establish a Hello Kitty Beauty Spa camp, offering more edutainment activities as well as wellness, health and personal development strategies.

Our trained experts will help you to discover the magic that makes beautiful bath bombs, skin-soothing scrubs and a range of soaps that covers everything from the fun to the fabulous. Our younger guests may also like to try their hand at making bath-slime.

“The idea of a soap-making and scrub bar was one I’d had since running my own spas. The hello Kitty Beauty Spa provided the perfect place to develop the idea and share this amazing edutainment opportunity with my Queens and Princesses”

– Rana El Eid – Chief Wellness Officer, HKBS, Dubai.

So be among the first in your area to try the latest trend and head over to the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa today. Let us introduce you to the tricks of the trade in our beautiful salon while our staff treat you like the queens and princesses that we know every girl is on the inside – it truly is the best of both worlds.

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