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6 Amazing ways to self-care during lockdown.

While we're in the middle of a COVID-19 lockdown and have plenty of time on our hands, this is the ideal time to turn our attention to something that most of us are guilty of neglecting ourselves.

In such tough times, we all deserve a little self-love. Perhaps one of the advantages of social distancing is that it has given us some much-needed space. With less contact with the outside world and other people, we don't have to think about satisfying others and putting their interests above our own. Now is the time to put your-self as a priority and do things that make you feel comfortable and secure.

In such tough times, we all deserve a little self-love. Here are 6 ways of self-care that would help you rekindle that bond with your true-self.

1. Eat Healthy, Cook Healthy.

This is an amazing time to eat healthy, find the right blend of a nutritious diet, cut down on the sugary drinks and help your metabolism grow stronger. Embrace greens, fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Rather than buying off the shelf multi-vitamin supplements. Let your body extract all the vitamins, amino acids and salts it needs through a balanced diet. According to a recent study 65%, women across the globe are deficient in Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron, giving us all the good reasons to make Milk and Yogurt on our daily menu. Part of eating healthy is to cook healthy meals. Part of the eat healthy regime is to stay hydrated as well. Cooking or baking a dish that you like to eat can prove to be a rewarding experience and on the positive side, home-cooked food is safer.

With a range of cooking trends and challenges on social media, why not try new recipes and show off your newly learned skills online in front of your friends and family. This may be a good diversion, too.

2. Exercise

Yes! Exercise, Meditate, Dance to your favorite tune but don’t let the lockdown lock you up on a couch or a bed all day. You can go for different kinds of workouts which can be done indoors like yoga, cardio, treadmill, etc. There are many online classes, tutorials, and routines that you can easily find on YouTube. Remember that a healthy mind can only remain healthy if you give your body the physical exercise it requires to keep in shape.

With summers just around the corner utilize this time to get into shape and shock everyone with the amazing new you. A 30 minutes workout a day is enough to keep you fresh and you don’t have to work out more than 5 days a week to keep in shape. Thus flexing a few muscles will help you fall in love with your body even more. Even on a daily basis don’t sit in the same posture for long, be sure to get up and stretch or quick stroll in the house.

3. Beauty Routine

Staying home doesn't mean that you can't look the very best. Take your sweet time to get through your daily beauty routine. Look on the bright side now you have more time to make your skin more glowing, try out new hair treatments and have softer shinier thicker hair.

Keep in mind that applying a mask doesn’t take hours. You can put on a mask for 5 minutes as you’re in the shower and get the moisture boost that your hair needs. You can make hair masks at home using natural ingredients such as honey, egg, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, almond oil, cinnamon, and vinegar. Similarly, face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to help you with your skincare concerns. The right face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and improve the appearance of your pores. All the home-made face mask ingredients are secretly hiding in your kitchen. You can find amazing easy to make face masks and polishers by searching over the internet and apply according to your convenience.

Stress, anxiety, fatigue, no matter what, a relaxing long bubble bath will help you calm your body and mind. If you are living with family, then this will also count as a little me-time that’ll help you regroup your thoughts. Also due to excessive hand washing and the use of sanitizers it is imperative to moisturize your hands.

Hello Kitty Beauty Spa Dubai now has emergency kits; specially designed to keep your beauty sailing safely throughout this period. Grab hold of our limited-time emergency kits;

Look beautiful, Feel beautiful.

4. Set Screen time, Catch up on your sleep.

It is really important so that you don't waste all your time watching shows and movies. Binge-watching and too much screen time are going to impair your vision and make you feel irritable and slow. S place a limit on your screen time and use this time to carry out a particular routine in which you are doing a number of tasks and not holding your cellphone all day long.

Staying at home all the time means we're going to sleep late. Just one more episode of the web-series, we're telling ourselves why not. There's no need to wake up early, so we're going to sleep late. But these irregular sleep patterns can affect our sleep cycle. Make sure you're going to get enough sleep and reduce your sleep debt.

5. Connect with Family and Friends

Use the power of new technologies at your fingertips to reach out to family and old friends via social media. Talk, text, video call, catch up but be sure to take out time for the loved ones not able to meet you. Have a video conference call with all of your siblings or a heart to heart with an old school friend, reliving your childhood, this will not only make you feel good but will also take you back in the memory lane and help you laugh and recall all the fun times.

At home, you can play board games with your children and get to learn more new things about them in a fun competitive environment.

6. Be Creative or Revisit an Old Skill

All of us have a talent/skill that we've stopped using for various reasons. It may be an opportunity to explore the old skill and rediscover why you fell in love with the particular thing in the first place. We also let go of the abilities we think are worthless, since they cannot be monetized. Yet under the present conditions and circumstance, peace of mind and happiness are a luxury, and these talents or skills could only bring us those.

Letting your creative juices flow will refresh your brain and provide a respite from a life that might seem rather boring and tedious right now. Restore the house with DIY hacks, paint, draw, sing, compose. Do whatever it takes to stretch the mind to think out of the box.

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